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Welcome to BrazenGrowth

BrazenGrowth was formed out of a wealth of educational experience, both professionally and personally. The word brazen means to boldly and unashamedly face and overcome challenges. And life is full of challenges!


How we deal with these can impact our lives in a positive or negative way and then another set of challenges is created for us to cope with. It is so easy to run, mask or ignore these challenges. Ultimately, our mental health can be affected and this impacts on our work life, our relationships and our physical health.


An Insight to Anorexia Nervosa for Fitness Professionals



The course “An Insight to Anorexia Nervosa for Fitness Professionals” hopes to bring an understanding of this and other eating disorders as serious mental illnesses. One of the key indicators of anorexia is excessive exercise. Most of the time the sufferer will not disclose that there is an issue. This course was put together from a personal lived experience, academic study and a passion to make a difference in this area.



BrazenGrowth workshops are designed from both professional and personal experience. They aim to engage the participant so that a level of understanding of themselves and others is reached. The sharing of stories brings a depth to these workshops that goes beyond what you would read in a textbook.


Group Fitness

There is sufficient evidence to show the benefits of exercise for the treatment of clinical depression and can reduce the effects of anxiety. Self-esteem is also enhanced and there is some evidence to suggest that exercise also improves cognitive function in older adults.


Corporate Wellness

Your corporation would not function without your staff. They are your most important asset. Looking after them means looking after your business. BrazenGrowth can put together a combination of services to meet the needs of your business and to show your staff you care about their wellbeing.


Latest News

  • BrazenGrowth 2016 Filex Inspiration Award Winner

    I learned a great word at Filex 2016. It was the word “Kaizen”. It means to make small, seemingly insignificant, ongoing and never-ending improvements. I love this word. When you wake up every day wanting to make a difference from a lifetime of lessons, Kaizen......

  • Centre for Eating & Dieting Disorders The Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders (CEDD) at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital,  recognises the need for the Fitness Industry to have awareness of recognition and understanding of eating disorders as serious mental illnesses. BrazenGrowth’s seminar, “An Insight to Anorexia Nervosa for Fitness......

  • Communicating with Someone Who Has an Eating Disorder

    Communication involves both listening, speaking and observing. From the research I have done and from the conversations I have had, many people assume that a particular body shape suggests a person is suffering from an eating disorder. But, who is to say what body shape......

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