Behind Brazengrowth

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My story is never one that I imagined I would ever experience. Prison was not on my bucket list. I am a mother to three wonderful adult children who have had my back throughout all the ugliness and shame that comes with contact with the legal system. Education and health have been my life. But life taught me the biggest lessons I have learned.

In going through the process of the unknown maze over months between arrest, court, and sentencing, I met a forensic psychologist. She is my hero. With her support, I unlearned much of the unhealthy thought patterns I had lived with for decades before being put behind bars.

A profound light bulb moment was early in my treatment. She asked about my main thought during the time I suffered anorexia in my late teens through to early twenties. It was “If I don’t do this, I will not be of value.” Her very next question was about my main thought when it came to a series of poor decisions that led to breaking the law. I answered ‘If I don’t do this, I will not be of value.” I lived with the belief that I was not valued and loved for decades! WHY DID I NOT GET HELP IN MY TEENAGE YEARS?! I had lived in a prison of thoughts my whole life.

I hope to encourage individuals to face, open up and work through the challenges they face. These issues can affect our abilities, goals, self-esteem, sense of worth and physical health. I do not want to waste the hard lessons I have learned through experiencing an eating disorder, depression and incarceration. Our physical, mental, emotional and social health are all interrelated. I consider each of these aspects holistically and in balance, as I have put into practice in my own life. This is the basis of the services I provide.

The word brazen means to boldly and unashamedly face and overcome challenges. I aim to help you do the same

Yours in boldness,


Education to Speak Up and Speak Out

You try so hard to show you have it all together, when internally you feel you are crumbling. There is strength in speaking up and getting help. There is boldness in speaking out to end the shame. You’ve got this!


Specialising in supporting you to determine how your thoughts impact your behaviours. Identifying unhealthy patterns and challenging these to live as the amazing person you were created to be.

Public Speaking

Speaking out about the thoughts that kept me imprisoned and the incarceration that these thoughts led to. The sentence does not end when those prison gates open. Many people can't look at shame. As an individual I had to face it head on to move on. Society needs to do the same.


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