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How does a mother of three wonderful children with a career that she loved, enjoyed helping others reach their goals and who to others appeared to have it all together, end up in prison?

Boldly Vulnerable

I have always been an educator, but life taught me the toughest lessons and eventually the unlearning that occurred empowered me to speak up. And it all stems from the beliefs that developed at a young age.

No one needs more judgement or shame. We often put ourselves through that enough. 

From my heart to yours with the courage of vulnerability.

“Subject is closed. I don’t want to talk about it.” This was the line I heard over and over that had kept me silent. Silence is not always golden. To speak publicly about the thought life of anorexia and the journey to prison that this took me on, was never something I believed I could do. To receive standing ovations bought more healing.

  • I will never use the word “my” to describe a mental illness or offence. These do not define me.
  • “There is a fine line between blue and green. Anyone of us can find ourselves on the other side of the fence.” This was said to me by a correctional officer who understood that anyone in a life storm could find themselves on the other side of the law.
  • The ‘human behind the offence and shame’ is often hidden behind a barrage of labels. I hope to inspire you to hear to understand and not to judge.


I have had the pleasure of seeing Eleni Psillakis speak at a number of community and professional events. Eleni is a memorable speaker. She moves the audience with her words and ability to weave a story; speaking with passion but also clarity and thoughtfulness. I find myself each time listening closely to what she has to say about a number of issues- mental health, self-esteem, eating disorders, prison life, societal expectations, self-awareness, enjoying her freshness and frankness that is often missing from such presentations. Eleni connects with people on an emotional level leaving the audience with not only a heartfelt story that will stay with them but also a desire to make change and improve life for themselves and others. Michelle Bonner

Eleni is a truly engaging speaker. I was so inspired after hearing her talk on mental health that I invited her to speak at a charity fundraising event I was organising on the same topic. She has the ability to captivate a range of audiences by sharing her deeply personal experiences in an honest and uncensored way, turning the darkest of moments into hope and inspiration, and powerfully raising awareness. I would not hesitate to hear her speak again or arrange for her to speak at an event. Dr. James Koutsis

Thank you so much Eleni for talking so openly and honestly about such a personal and important issue, especially in today's society. It's so important as a parent to be prepared and to be armed with knowledge of what troubling signs to look for and also how to communicate with your kids in the right way, so we can help & support them as much as possible. I feel like this topic is so important and all parents should be aware, whether you have a child, friend or even a family member that has been affected or not. Knowledge is power. Eleni speaks from the heart and is so dedicated and passionate about this cause. I think you should be commended on doing such a fantastic job trying to educate more people about this disease. Thank you once again for such an interesting and insightful evening. Kim Greco

Many thanks for your presentation at the Eating Disorder & Obesity Conference. I was very pleased to hear you pushed the fitness industry to train fitness trainees in eating disorders. It was so refreshing to hear from a fitness professional that many people engaging with fitness professionals may be suffering a mental illness that cannot be cured by getting fit and mere "body transformation." Thanks again. Dr Katie Richard, B.A., M.A., Psy.D., MAPS

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