Do you feel like you're stuck and feel trapped? Or perhaps your thoughts are racing , and you feel like you have no direction. You just need someone to listen not to judge, but to hear you with empathy.

What We Do

I understand that taking the first step to speak to someone about your struggles can be daunting. To start with we can have a free 15-minute phone chat and then you decide if you would like to book your first one-hour session with me. You are the focus of each session. Yes, You. Because you deserve to look after yourself.

The First Session will focus on what you are going through and your concerns. I understand that you may be anxious, but I am here to listen. You will also know at this session if you feel I am the right counselor for you. That is important for you to feel that counseling with me will be of value and support to you.

  • From there, the frequency and duration of sessions all depends on your needs, goals and situation. Everyone is different and so the counselling journey is unique to each person. It is a sign of strength on your part to be considering counselling to give you some direction and hope.
  • Confidentiality is of utmost importance as it builds trust. This will be explained to you, including when disclosure is required. You will have a written consent form to sign so that you are fully aware of the confidentiality requirements.
  • I focus and specialise in counselling for those 18 years and older.

How Can Counseling Help

Speaking It Out

The benefit of talking to a counsellor about what is usually going around and around in your mind can provide a huge relief.

You Are Enough

You may realise that you have more strengths than you thought to get through what you think you are stuck in.

See Things a Different Way

Once we start talking about your circumstances you may see a different perspective that can highlight solutions to work towards.

Start Living Empowered

Counseling can provide hope and strength that can help you walk with your head held high, one step a time.

Start your journey to empowerment now


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Would you like to talk?

If you would like to have a chat about counseling, public speaking, or any of the courses I offer, feel free to contact me and I will be in touch with you.