Second Chances Fundraiser Post Incarceration

The term ‘everybody deserves a second chance’, in reality, often does not apply to people affected by the criminal justice system. Society continues to punish upon release, especially when it comes to employment and housing – two fundamentals when someone is trying to ‘move forward’ after they have paid the price for their wrongs.

We may not be able to change a system immediately, but one life at a time, together we can change the direction someone takes. This GoFundMe page is to assist people affected by the criminal justice system by funding short courses that will help them gain employment. Funds may also be used to assist with things like paying for licences to be renewed, lapsed car registrations, short courses to upskill and mental health interventions where needed.

All these things build self-worth and hope, so a person starts to believe they are worth a second chance, in a world that so often says the opposite. Donate here today!


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