Mind Over Body Program

This program is a guided self-directed reflection that examines the reasons why unhealthy eating and exercise habits develop. These reasons often do not have anything to do with food, exercise, body weight or shape. The aim is to improve the relationship with yourself.

What this program hopes to achieve for you.

$600.00 per person

This course is only for those 18 years and over 

Program Objectives

Participants will gain an understanding of:


Develop an understanding of how core beliefs and thought patterns link to behaviours and overall body and mind health.


Assess how your current level of self-esteem affects your eating and exercise behaviours


Develop an understanding of what are healthy and unhealthy eating and exercise behaviours


Understand the importance and the role of physical activity in building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle


Understand the consequences of unhealthy exercise behaviours to build a better approach to exercise


Unlearning unhealthy thought patterns to move forward to a healthier future using the ACCEPTS strategy

The benefits of this program

Supported Self Reflection

You work through the modules in your own space with regular check-in sessions with a coach.


The program considers the impact of our thoughts on the health of our mind, body and social health.

Discerning Messaging

The program helps to discern healthy verse unhealthy messaging about eating and exercise.

Self Empowerment

The program challenges unhealthy thoughts of self so self love blossoms.

Early Intervention

Recognising the need to make changes and/or get help for yourself and others early can lead to healthier outcomes.

Exercise behaviours considered

This program looks at unhealthy exercise behaviours and not just unhealthy eating patterns.

Thoughts and core beliefs considered

The program allows the participant to consider the underlying thoughts and not just the signs and symptoms of unhealthy eating and exercise behaviours.

Interactive Program

The program is designed to be interactive for a better learning and discovery experience.

What Participants Think

Mind Over Body

per person

This course is only for those 18 years and over 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The content is broken up into four core modules covering determining how our thoughts of self, eating behaviours, exercise behaviours, unlearning to improve physical and mental health outcomes.

Brazengrowth is not a medical service and will refer to allied health professionals at any stage throughout the program if needed.

There is a screening processes involving an initial phone call and screening assessment to determine suitability and/or referral allied health professionals before commencing.

The coaches are qualified in intuitive eating, counselling and/or peer mental health work. They also have lived experience of disordered eating or an eating disorder and have recovered.

The program can be done at your own pace, but ideally should be completed in 6 weeks. 

There is an initial half hour session as part of pre-screening and a half hour session on completion. There are four one hour sessions after each of the core modules. Total six coaching sessions.


Education that Creates Change

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Mind Over Body Program

You have heard the phrases “relationship with food”; “relationship with exercise”,  “relationship with your body”. BUT WHERE ARE YOU? This guided self-paced course wil help you see that the most important factor is your thoughts that you have about your real stuff. It is your relationship with yourself to directs all you do.

Mind Body Connection Series

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Supporting Clients at Risk of Eating Disorders

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